A Little Knowledge - Split Worlds series book 4

A Little Knowledge - Split Worlds series book 4
A Little Knowledge, Book 4 of the Split Worlds series

The Split Worlds series is published by Diversion Press. The series is complete and all five books of the series are currently available in ebook and audio book format.

This series needs to be read in order, so if you haven't read Between Two Thorns, (and then Any Other Name and All Is Fair) I'd recommend starting there and then coming back to this one.

Here’s a very spoilery blurb:
The long-awaited return to Emma Newman’s popular fantasy series, A Little Knowledge takes us back to the Split Worlds, where dynastic families feud across the ages, furthering the agendas of their cruel supernatural patrons.

Cathy and Will are now the Duchess and Duke of Londinium, the biggest Fae-touched Nether city, but they have different ideas of what their authority offers. Pressured by his Fae patron, Lord Iris, Will struggles to maintain total control whilst knowing he must have a child with his difficult wife. Cathy wants to muscle the Court through two hundred years of social change and free it from its old-fashioned moral strictures. But Cathy learns just how dangerous it can be for a woman who dares to speak out…

Meanwhile, as Sam learns more about the Elemental Court it becomes clear that the Fae are not the only threat to humanity. Sam realises that he has to make enemies of the most powerful people on the planet, or risk becoming the antithesis of all he believes in.

Threatened by secret societies, hidden power networks and Fae machinations, can Sam and Cathy survive long enough to make the changes they want to see in the world?


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