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Whether you're here because you're a reader of my work, or you enjoy my podcasts or audiobook narration, or you're a professional who needs information about me, welcome!

Picture of Emma Newman in blue coat looking into the camera
Emma Newman, taken by Joby Sessions for SFX magazine

There is a short author bio here, in case you need it.

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If you are here because you love my work, you can just go straight to the very silly GIF version or simply read on!


Now we've got all that stuff out of the way, let's relax. Thanks for stopping by. (Sips tea and reflects upon how writing an about page is almost as socially awkward as having to introduce oneself at an inappropriate networking event). You know, this is the fifth version of my About page since I started this blog back in January 2009, and it's still just as hard to write. Just before I wrote this, in fact, I created a GIF version because that was easier and more fun to put together!

Perhaps you're here because you've just read one of my books or short stories, heard me narrate a book, or perhaps you've actually met me in the real world (gasp!) and wondered what I do online.

If you're here because you like what I write, I suggest you subscribe using the button at the very top of the page, which is especially for splendid people like you who have enjoyed one of my books and want to be the first to know about all the crazy stuff I get up to.

When I first started this blog, it was called Post-Apocalyptic Publishing. It had a dark thunder storm in the header and really fitted where I was back in 2009; recovering from post-natal depression, trying to work out whether my writing was good enough to be published and wondering whether I would ever get there.

Back then, 'there' was being published. That happened a while ago, and now I've had many books published and am also an audiobook narrator and podcaster!

What else? Well, I drink a lot of tea and write a lot of words, usually both at the same time. The picture up at the top gives you a clue about one of my favourite hobbies (clue: it's not marbles) and I get anxious about… well, everything really. I live near Bristol, England and have a healthy distrust of fried mushrooms. But that's another story.

So, make a cup of whatever comforts you, pull up a chair and have a look around the site. You can find an archive of the Hugo Award winning Tea and Jeopardy podcast here (now finished), thanks to the support of my marvellous patrons.

I can be found in various places online, or you can drop me a line through the contact form (I cannot promise a reply).

Love and noodles,

Em xx