Emma Newman's Books

Emma Newman's Books

The Planetfall series

Four standalone near-future science-fiction novels set in the same universe, plus a short story collection (Before, After, Alone). Shortlisted for the Best Series 2020 Hugo Award.

They are interlinked, most in minor ways, with the occasional recurring character. They are available in paperback, ebook and audio book formats.

They could be read in any order, however, I recommend you read After Atlas BEFORE you read Atlas Alone, as the latter is set about 6 months after the end of After Atlas and follows the same characters. I also recommend that you read the short story collection last.

Recommended reading order:


After Atlas

Before Mars

Atlas Alone

Before, After, Alone

This reading order is also viable, simply giving you a different experience:

After Atlas

Atlas Alone

Before Mars


Before, After, Alone

The Split Worlds series

A completed five-book urban fantasy series (needs to be read in order as listed below!) featuring evil fae, mad sorcerers and lashings of feminism. A short story collection will be released soon (hopefully autumn 2024).

Book 1: Between Two Thorns

Book 2: Any Other Name

Book 3: All Is Fair

Book 4: A Little Knowledge

Book 5: All Good Things

The Industrial Magic series

Gaslamp fantasy novellas (need to be read in order) set in 1850's England where the industrial revolution is being powered by magical, rather than scientific advancements. More to come, as the larger story arc is not yet complete, I just don't know when.

Brother’s Ruin

Weaver’s Lament

Short stories

From Dark Places is a collection of short stories (my first published work!) and the others are some of the anthologies that feature my stories.

Other published works

From Dark Places. My first ever published work, a short story collection which is still available in ebook and POD paperback.

I have had short stories and novelettes published in a variety of anthologies. I would recommend the following:

A Woman’s Place, featured in 221 Baker Streets published by Abaddon Books. (Won the BFS Best Short Story Award in 2015)

How To Turn A Girl To Stone, featured in the Wild Cards collection Knaves Over Queens and the sequel to this story Hearts Of Stone available for free on Tor.com

Made Monstrous, featured in Creatures, The Legacy of Frankenstein published by Abaddon Books

Your Death, Your Way, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! Featured in 2001 An Odyssey In Words, published by Newcon Press.

Upcoming books

The Vengeance is a fantasy swashbuckler which will be published by Solaris Books on December 3rd, 2024. It is available for pre-order now.

The Split Worlds series is complete, but I plan to publish a short story collection before the end of 2024.

I would dearly love to write another book in the Planetfall universe, but at present there are no publishing offers to support that.