If you need to get in touch, you can find the form below. I do read every email I receive, however, I cannot guarantee I will respond.

Before you write, check this list to see if what you want to communicate about has been addressed elsewhere.

Publishing/events enquiries:

If you’d like to invite me to participate in an event, please contact me via the form below. I have been Guest of Honour at several conventions and absolutely loved it!

If you are a publisher putting together an anthology and want to invite me to write a story, feel free to get in touch with all the details. I absolutely love writing short stories and would love to know what you have in mind!

All film and TV rights are currently available for all of my novels, feel free to get in touch with me if you represent an interested production company.

Other FAQs

If you want to know whether there will be a new Planetfall/Industrial Magic/whatever book, unless there is an entry on the ‘Books’ page at the bottom, there is no news yet. I suggest you subscribe to my newsletter for any future announcements.

I do not currently offer any mentoring or critiquing services and have no plans to in the near future. There are no exceptions to this, sorry.

If you have an amazing idea for a book, I am not the person to write it for you, you are, you can do it! Please do not ask for a collaboration.

Where to find me on social media

I am not on social media as much as I used to be, but you can find me on:

My YouTube channel:
Twitter: @emapocalyptic (I only post very occasionally and do not hang out there anymore.)
Instagram: @emapocalyptic (I am terrible at updating this, and don't really hang out there. No point sending me DMs there!)
Threads: (I do not hang out there, only very occasional posts.)
Linkedin: I am very new to that network and still figuring it out!
Facebook: I really only use that to keep in touch with my LARP community.

Still need to get in touch? 

Fill in the form below, but please remember that I cannot guarantee I will respond.

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