Imagining a world freed from prioritising profit

Imagining a world freed from prioritising profit
So I was in an online panel event for London Climate Action Week

A couple of weeks ago I took part in an online panel hosted by Ethex as part of London Climate Action Week, and it was all about shifting to a different economic model that is less harmful to the environment and to society. A video of the discussion highlights can be watched below.

Beyond Profit panel discussion

I was invited to participate because of my work on the Imagining Tomorrow podcast, in which I explore possible positive versions of the future based upon things being done in the real world, right now. It's kinda the opposite approach to the Planetfall novels in which I extrapolated the near future based upon all the terrible things happening right now.

Anyway, I recommend watching this whole video as it summarises the Doughnut Economics model and features several interesting and incredibly positive people all striving to make the world better. But if you want to just skip to the bit I'm in because you're curious about what I have to say in spaces that are not SFF genre focused, my bit starts at 5.02. There's a link to the full discussion in the video description (this one is an edited highlights one).

Em x