The Vengeance is coming!

The Vengeance is coming!
The cover of THE VENGEANCE, published by Solaris Books, cover design by Sam Gretton.

I am delighted to announce that my next novel, THE VENGEANCE, will be released in early December. It's being published by Solaris Books and I am so excited about it! Didn't they do a great job with the cover?

It is available for pre-order now!

Here's the blurb:

Morgane grew up at sea, daughter of the fierce pirate captain of the Vengeance, raised to follow in her footsteps as scourge of the Four Chains Trading Company. But when Anna-Marie is mortally wounded in battle, she confesses to Morgane that she is not her mother.Then the captain of the enemy ship reveals he was paid to kill Anna-Marie and bring Morgane home to France and her real family.

Desperate to learn the truth about her lineage, Morgane spares him, leaving the Vengeance and everything she knows behind.Her quest reveals a world of decadence and darkness, in which monsters vie for control of royal courts and destinies of nations. She discovers the bloody secrets of the Four Chains Trading Company, and the truth about her real mother’s death, nearly twenty years before…

This is the first in a shared world series written by three different authors. The setting is that of Alexander Dumas's novels, but it is not a re-telling. It's an original story inspired by the themes of his work.

There's a link to the cover reveal over on The Fantasy Hive website.