I have extensive audio book narration experience and have recorded flash fiction, short stories and novellas for several authors. I have also narrated all of my novels except 'After Atlas' - as the protagonist is a man, I didn't feel it would be right for me to narrate it!

My most recent audio work includes:

Ogres by Adrian Tchaikovsky

Claws and Contrivances by Stephanie Burgis

Teacup Magic (The First Collection) by Tansy Rayner

Would you like me to narrate something for you?

Traditionally published books

If you are having your book published by a traditional press, they are likely to have plans to produce an audiobook version of your work. I have narrated many books after the author requested me for their novel (such as Adrian Tchaikovsky and Paul Cornell). Simply let your publisher know as soon as possible in your production schedule, and they will communicate your desire with the chosen production company. I have worked with Tantor Audio on many projects, and several other major publishers through my preferred audiobook production company Audio Factory, so there's every chance they have already worked with me. If not, they can contact me here.

Self-published books

As I no longer have the time capacity to both record and edit an audio book at home, I recommend getting in touch with Audio Factory, an excellent audiobook studio that I have worked with for over ten years. Simply let them know that you'd like me to narrate your book and they will give you a quote (I've narrated for several self-published authors through Audio Factory, some of which were made possible by crowd-funding).