About Em: The GIF edition

You know, I hate writing about myself. So I made this as an antidote to my very serious Author Bio page. This is everything you need to know about me. In GIFs.

I write books. A few have been published. People have asked me to sign them and everything!

GIF from Black Books
I still can’t quite believe it.

I make my own outfits and wear them to conventions to help deal with social anxiety.

I do actually do that with my tongue when I concentrate.

I drink a lot of tea. I am in good company.

I have a level 20 epic crush on this man.

I have a hierarchy of favourite tea cups. This is important.

Only those closest to me know what this hierarchy is.

This is what it feels like when you finally land a book deal.

I tried for a very long time. Seriously.

This is what I actually looked like:

My hair probably didn't look that good though.

The thing that surprised me most about becoming a professional author (apart from people actually, you know, paying me for what I write) is just how much waiting there is in this job. I'm not very good at it.


I co-wrote, hosted and produced the Hugo nominated Tea and Jeopardy podcast. It's silly and contains mild peril.

There was a butler in it called Latimer. That's how silly it was.

I'm also an audio book narrator.

Oh... if only...

I hate talking on the telephone unless I know someone very well, even then I prefer email. Telephone conversations that I'm not expecting from people I don't know well are all kinds of agony.

I feel your pain, Han.

I used to love Twitter. Many years ago, I accidentally started my own virtual kingdom there. That was pretty cool.

I love his outfit in that bit. And the ruthless evil too.

This imaginary kingdom is called Emtopia. I'm Queen there. Which is nice.

My imaginary throne has a nice plump cushion though.

No! I'm a benevolent Queen. Unless people forget to bring me tea and cake.

She had the best dresses.

When I love something, I really love it.

Just like this.

I got a bit obsessed with the Fisk and Vanessa relationship on Netflix's Daredevil.

Oh my God, the feels! How could I be rooting for someone so evil?

And I get obsessed about characters in roleplaying games

I do think about role playing games an awful lot.

I'm a bit in love with D&D 5th ed at the moment too.


So there you go.