Before, After, Alone - A Planetfall Universe short story collection

Before, After, Alone - A Planetfall Universe short story collection
Before, After, Alone - Short story collection set in the Planetfall Universe

Acclaimed author Emma Newman returns to her Planetfall universe with a collection of ten short stories set before, during and after the four interconnected novels of the Hugo-nominated Planetfall series. The collection also features an interview with Emma Newman in which she answers crowd-sourced questions about the Planetfall universe.

From a shipwreck survivor struggling to appease the monster keeping him trapped on an island, to an elderly woman at risk from being declared a non-person, each story offers a new glimpse into this dark near-future setting. This collection features stories that focus on some of the characters from the novels, including Arnolfi (Before Mars), Travis and Carl (After Atlas and Atlas Alone) and Mack (Planetfall).

A must-read for any fans of Planetfall, After Atlas, Before Mars and Atlas Alone.

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